“Glogos project” is a professional brokering company, providing chartering services. We do assist Charterers and Traders to fix vessels from ports of Rostov-on-Don, Azov, Yeisk, Temryuk, Taganrog, Novorossiysk, Saint-Petersburg, Astrakhan grain terminal and grain elevators on the Volga river.

We fix vessels from sea and river ports of Ukrain and Caspian sea for ports of Turkey, Middle East countries, Iran, and ports of Europe with such commodities as grain, corn, barley, soybean, sunflower meal and sunflower seed cakes, seeds, saflor, wheat bran etc. akes.
Woods and balance
We transport pulpwood, logs, wooden chips, balance, and pellets from Russian ports, Baltic and Azov regions.
From Russian ports and ports of Baltic, Mediterranean seas we do fix nitric, phosphoric fertilizers, sulfur, ammonium sulfate, urea, magnesite in bigbags and in bulk.
Coal and Anthracite
From the ports of Baltic and Black seas we fix vessels for coal and anthracite shipments.
General cargo
Cargoes in boxes, on pallets, on barrels such as glass, bitumen, fertilizers, cellulose, MDF etc.

We deliver Steel coils, plates, rebars, pipes, ingots and ets. from Russian port and pord of Baltic and Mediterranean seas.

Every week we publish Freight Report based on our fixtures and daily communications with market participants. Our Report contains freight rates for most common voyages along with short summary of region’s news.