16 week: Russian River, Azov Sea, Caspian Sea; Coaster shipments

16 week: Russian River, Azov Sea, Caspian Sea; Coaster shipments

In the light of new trends on the commodity market, many Owners are trying to relocate their fleet to work in other regions not to stay in the Azov basin. In general, the number of cargo offers on the market is still not decreasing. Despite the decline in the usual grain volumes, there is work for vessels in the Black and the Mediterranean seas, including quite active exports from Turkey in various directions.

Owners of modern fleet have found unusual opportunity for employment of their vessels: long-distance voyages around Europe. Despite the fact that such vessels of “river-sea” type were initially designed to operate from river ports, currently a voyage from Turkey to the Continent is more lucrative than the struggle for the Azov load on the low market.

Russian-flagged fleet remains in demand even amid the overall calm. Those who avoid calls to European ports have switched to work to the river or to the Caspian Sea. Considering the fact that large shipments of the residues of the old grain harvest from the roads transshipment are planned starting from the second half of May, the Russian-flagged vessels will be involved in the work anyway. However, in the Black Sea, cargo volumes are expected to decrease in the second half of May.

The freight market of the Pacific Basin has grown significantly in recent times, and many Owners prefer to keep their fleet mostly there. Despite the continued growth of regional cargo flow and, as a result, freight rates, the availability of tonnage supply still exceeds the demand for it: a sufficient number of Owners are actively searching for cargo; one of the priorities is coal from Russian ports to China.

Update on Persian Gulf situation: the market is growing in the wake of the Atlantic, and there are plenty of offers and sub sales for Handy-size and Supra tonnage. The Owners of small Handys (abt 18-25k dwt) which open at PG, are facing the situation that their tonnage goes unnoticed. Charterers ship cargoes in favor of classic parcels of 30-32k mts and 50-52k mts as common on the high market. Moreover, numerous Charterers require free use of vessel gears so if you are Ship Owner of a spot small Handy without cranes, it is a sentence for you.