39 week: Russian River, Azov Sea, Caspian Sea; Coaster shipments

39 week: Russian River, Azov Sea, Caspian Sea; Coaster shipments

The Azov region is experiencing a period of freight increasing. Over the past week, rates from the Azov basin and Russian river had risen by USD 2 for all destinations of Black and Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays workable freight rate for voyage ex Rostov to Marmara reached USD 32 pmt of wheat on week 39. 

Market participants find the reason of such a dynamic in expansion of demand for Russian grain on the Turkish market. The Turkish Grain Board had bought 252 thousands of tons of Russian wheat last week as a result of the tender. Requirements for tonnage, which will transport the declared volumes of grain, are standardized. Thus, according to the tender, the carrying capacity of dry-cargo ships should be 6 000 tons, and the grain should be exported in the same extent. The Owners of tonnage, which has different specifications, began to raise the freight in the hope that during the grain transportation to Turkey (wheat must be carried out before the end of October) the deficit of vessels will develop in the region and the Charterers will have to agree on the conditions of the Shipowners.

Moreover market participants note a slowdown of export pace. First of all, Traders connect it with the growth of the ruble and the drop in grain prices on week 39. For a short time, the Russian currency has risen against the dollar by 5%. In the context of the strengthening of ruble and the growing freight in the region, many Charterers avoid new contracts. Therefore, nowadays it is quite difficult to seek the high quality grain with sharp price on the market due to substantial reduction in supply of cargo in the Azov region.

There is a period of stability in the Caspian basin. Traders are expecting the corn of new harvest. Although the corn parcels has already arrived at elevators, this volume is not enough to make the difference. Thus, the balance of the freight market is supported by a small supply of fleet and cargo in the region. The rates kept the level of previous week and amounted USD 55 pmt of barley basis Samara – Iran.

It is expected that the freight rates for transit hauls from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea will grow at close of river navigation (end of November). This is largely due to the increased demand for Russian-flagged fleet, which is occupied in shipments from the river to the roads of Kavkaz port, and will also be contracted for the realizing of Turkish grain program. In this connection, Charterers of general cargoes are trying to conclude the contracts with Ship Owners in order to guarantee the vessels for work at the end of October – the beginning of November.