Glogos Transports Ulyanovsk Turbines

Glogos Transports Ulyanovsk Turbines

Logistics company Glogos Project has moved a second batch of wind turbines from Shanghai, China, to the river port of Ulyanovsk, Russia.

The large cargo involved 40,000 tonnes and turbine blades measuring up to 54 meters. The delivery was performed in two batches, with the wind turbine towers and propellers traveling separately.

“In the port of Constanta, employees of the Glogos Project organized the transshipment of blades with three-tier accommodation on barges, the modeling of which was carried out in advance, even in the port of Shanghai,” a spokesperson for Glogos said.

The cargo was delivered on behalf of Russian power company Fortum.

Photo: The Wind turbine components loaded for transport. Credit: Glogos