New solution for wind generators

New solution for wind generators

Wind turbines were delivered to Ulyanovsk

In August 2017, the second batch of wind turbines from Shanghai, China, was delivered to the river port of Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Ocean freight shipping with transshipment in the port of Constanta, Romania, was performed by the Russian logistics company Glogos Project. The total cargo volume amounted to 40,000 freight tons, the height of the base was 4.85 meters, the length of each blade was 54 meters.

The delivery was performed in two batches: in the autumn 2016, the towers of wind turbines were transported, in the summer 2017, the propellers were taken. From China to Romania the cargo was carried by an ocean vessel, transshipment on barges took place in the Romanian port of Constanta. For “river-sea” vessels, a reinforcement deck for loading heavy towers was specially made.

In the port of Constanta, employees of the Glogos Project organized the  transshipment of blades with three-tier accommodation on barges, the modeling of which was carried out in advance, even in the port of Shanghai.

The project manager Maxim Yakovlev said: “This arrangement allowed us to optimally place the entire cargo on only two barges and thus save the customer’s resources.”

The cargo owner is the power company Fortum. “Glogos Project” is specialized in international transportation of heavyweight project cargoes such as autoclaves, presses, equipment, turbines, etc., but, in fact, it transports factories, oversized equipment, metal structures, production and assembly lines.

The company has been working since 2009. SOURCE: GloGos